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IBO Frequently Asked Question

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You must be an individual of 18 years old and above and sponsored by an existing BE IBO. 

Yes, we do accept non-citizen or non-resident to sign up as a BE IBO in Malaysia.


Email and mailing address can be updated in your [Profile] by clicking on [Edit profile] icon in the BE2U app or through our BOS website. 

However, other information or details such as NRIC (National Registration Identity Card number/ passport number, bank account number, MPay (ManagePay Systems – refer to point [H] below) and etc., can only be changed by login to our Customer Support System (CSS), request for changes by provide supporting documents such as copy of NRIC/passport, bank passbook or statement, MPay card and etc. at https://bos.beintl.com/member/.

Kindly follow steps as below:

Click on [Forget password]

Fill up [Username and Registered email]

Select [Submit]

Check your registered email for default password.

Use the default password to log in and change your new password. 

Bonus & E-Wallet

a) Bonuses will be issued and credited into IBO’s e-Wallet or MPay or IBO’s authorized personal Bank Account only.

b) IBO shall provide the full name as per official documents and ensure the banking information given is accurate to avoid failure of issuance. Any wrong bank account number or wrong NRIC number given, you will be charged for a RM50.00 / $25.00 penalty for each transaction.

c) If you have MPay Card and wish to update the detail to BE, please provide the below information:

  1. First 4 digit & last 4 digit of the card;
  2. Expiry date of the card;
  3. IBO phone number with MPay MUST be the same as IBO profile in BE.

You may check your updated monthly bonus detail by logging into https://bos.beintl.com/member/ and view your bonus detail in the “Bonus” section, under “Bonus statement”.

There are usually 2 reasons: Either
a) Bonus amount is less than RM50.00/ SGD20.00/ BND50.00.
b) The bank information given is incomplete or inaccurate.

Your bank account’s name, NRIC/passport number, must be the same as information as registered with BE.

For Malaysia IBO, you can only top up your eWallet via FPX. However, for Singapore and Brunei IBO can only top up via Bank Transfer.

a) For Malaysia IBO (IBO ID starts with “MY”), kindly follow steps as below:

Login to BE2U/BOS

Click on [eWallet] and click [Top Up]

Key in your IBO ID and click [Next]

Select Online Banking [FPX]

Select your preferred bank

Enter amount

Click [Proceed] and then [Submit] to complete the process 

You will be able to see the amount in your eWallet immediately after completing the process.


b) For Singapore and Brunei IBO (IBO ID starts with SG or BN), kindly follow steps below:
(Please make sure you have bank in the desire top up amount into BE International

Login to BE2U/BOS

Click on [eWallet] and click [Top Up]

Key in your IBO ID and click [Next]

Select [Bank Transfer]

Attach the bank-in slip

Enter amount

Click [Proceed] and then [Submit] to complete the process 

You will be able to see the amount in your eWallet within 1-3 working days after completing the process.

The bank account numbers are:
For Singapore IBO:
BE International Marketing Pte. Lte Singapore
OCBC 712283464001 

For Brunei IBO:
BE International Marketing (B) Sdn Bhd Brunei
Baiduri bank 0200110470153 

Kindly follow steps as below:

Login to BE2U/BOS

Click on [eWallet] and click [Withdrawal]

Key in the amount for withdrawal

Key in your e-Pin

Click [Next]

E-Wallet withdrawal is subjected to an administrative & processing fee of RM10.00/ SGD10.00/ Brunei $10.00 per transaction. It will take 3 working days to process. 

For transferring your balance from eWallet to MPay card, the maximum amount is RM10,000.

No. Bank account number detail must be provided before eWallet transfer can be performed.

Kindly login to BE2U app or https://bos.beintl.com/member/ and search for [eWallet View Transaction Details].

Product Redemption Voucher (PRV)

You may check on the PRV availability either through BE2U app or on BOS website. Kindly click on [Purchase] button and select [PRV voucher listing].

Please refer to the following Terms and Condition:

i. PRV voucher is redeemable for non-promotional products with BV/SV only.

ii. Product redeemed by PRV voucher will not entitle for BV/SV calculation.

iii. PRV voucher only allowed to use under the name and IBO ID number stated on the voucher. It is not transferable and not exchangeable for cash.

iv. The DP value stated in the voucher is based on the DP value of the respective country and is only allowed to use in the particular country only.

v. During the redemption of products, if the value of the products exceeds the amount stated in the voucher, the difference thereof should be paid by the bearer. If the value of the products is less than the amount stated in the voucher, then the difference thereof shall not be refunded to the bearer.

vi. The company reserves the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

Shipping and Delivery

Kindly follow steps as below:

Login to BE2U/ BOS system

Click [Purchase]

Click [Personal purchase listing]

Click in the [History] which below the word [Completed]

Track your parcel by using the consignment number given at 

Citylink https://www.tracking.my/citylink

For Malaysia and Singapore, the order will arrive within 3 to 5 working days depending on your locations. However, for Brunei, the order will arrive within 5 – 7 days.

The returned parcel will usually return to BE Head Office (Malaysia) or Singapore Office (for Singapore shipment) respectively. The company will keep the parcel for a maximum of 1 month. You may claim your parcel at BE Head Office/ Singapore office within the 1- month or you may request for a second attempt delivery. However, you are required to bear the postage fee for the second attempt. A standard charge of RM10.00 (WM)/ RM15.00 (EM)/ SGD15.00/ BRD15.00 will be charged. 

Orders TypeMinimum Ordering Limit
Online PurchaseRM300/ BND200/ SGD200

A delivery charge of RM10(WM), RM15(EM), SGD15 & BND15 will be levied for any order less than the minimum online purchase.

You are not advisable to change delivery address after your purchases have been confirmed.

Payment Acceptance

There are currently 4 types of payment options available:

1) FPX (Financial Process Exchange) – For Malaysia only;
2) Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard);
3) Debit Cards (Visa & Mastercard)
4) BE eWallet.

Yes, BE provide 0% interest Easy Payment to walk-in customers in our HQ for selected banks (AmBank, Public Bank and CIMB bank). Unfortunately, such service is currently not supported for online purchase and for Malaysia only.

Currently, we only accept full payment for online purchase. However, we advise you to check with your card centre on the availability of such payment method. Any interest incurred will be subject to your credit card issuing bank.

Yes, you may combine e-Wallet and Visa/Master card payment to make the purchase.

Yes, we do accept international debit or credit card. However, you might need to check with your bank is there any additional fee incurred by your bank.

IBO Compliance

IBOs are advised to purchase BE products at our sales office, authorized Business Centers or BE2U Online app only. BE will not be responsible for any products purchased from sources besides the above-mentioned channels. 

Other than illegal selling, IBOs must strictly adhere to the Rules and Regulations and to other documents that comprise the IBO Contract. 

For further information regarding IBO compliance, kindly refer to our R&R at [Time to BE infinite] marketing plan book. 


MPAY is one type of credit card which allows you to purchase goods, top-up and
transfer its Wallet to another MPAY card Wallet.

Anyone who is above 18 years old of age in the world except the countries below:


(The list of the countries is subject to changes by MPAY from time to time without prior notice)

You may contact 1-700-81-6729 or walk-in to MPAY office for more detail at

Wisma MPAY,
Lot 113, Jalan USJ 21/10,
47630, Subang Jaya,

a) With MPAY Card, you are able to credit your bonus up to RM10,000; 

b) Able to transfer the credit limit to MPAY Wallet up to another RM10,000;

c) Can use it as an ordinary Master credit card to purchase products at BE or other retail shops/ shopping malls, which accept Master Credit Card in Malaysia or other countries (except the countries stated at H.2).


You may call our Customer Service line at +03 8605 8500 (Malaysia); +673 737 8500 (Brunei) or +65 6957 8500 (Singapore) or lodge a feedback at Customer Support System (CSS) at https://bos.beintl.com/member/.

Kindly refresh and check your inbox, spam, or junk mail. You are advised to change your email address if the issue persists. Besides, you may also navigate to [Purchase history] in your BE2U for the purchase record. 

Hall booking can be booked by filling the Google form below;

For Malaysia Meeting Hall booking:


For Singapore Meeting Hall booking:


Please read the Reservation Rules & Regulation before you made any reservation.

** The company reserved the right to revise and update this FAQ from time to time without any prior notice.