FAQ – BEyond

Which part of the body can apply gua sha?
Generally, gua sha can be performed on a person’s arms, legs, neck, back, and buttocks. It can be used on the face as well with a gentle version of it.

Do I need to shower before performing the gua sha therapy?
It does not make any difference whether you have your shower before or after the therapy. However, we recommend you to not shower for at least 30 minutes after the therapy to allow the essence of Aulora Oil to be fully absorbed into your skin.

Why the Aulora Board is made of buffalo horn instead of other materials such as plastic?
When the gua sha tool is made of horn, it will not cause static electricity because it is not conductive as the plastic. Second, it helps to stimulate your skin’s capillaries, increase the blood circulation and metabolism.

Plus, in the context of Chinese herbal medicine, buffalo horn has a cold property and an acrid, salty flavour. Acridity is mainly used to disperse and promote the circulation of qi and blood; the salty flavour is to soften hardness and relax stiffness; the coldness helps to clear heat and remove toxin from the body. Thus, when the gua sha tool is made from buffalo horn, it can promote blood circulation by dispersing qi, clearing heat and removing toxins.

How to store the Aulora Oil and Board?
You may store both items in a cool and dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. For the Aulora Board, you have to wipe off the remaining oil on the board after using and shall not wash or soak it in water.

Does gua sha have side effects?
Gua Sha is a form of therapy that offers you various health benefits. It is safe for everyone. However, it is recommended that individuals who have just had any surgery in the last six weeks should avoid this therapy.

If I’m pregnant, can I perform gua sha?
We do not recommend the pregnant women to perform gua sha on their body, even if it is performed on the parts of the body other than the abdominal part.

If I have some medical history, can I perform gua sha?
If you have chronic or serious health diseases or problems, we advise you to seek consultation with your doctor before performing gua sha on your body.

Why does my skin appearance change after performing gua sha?
The red or black dots appeared on your skin after performing gua sha are the result of detoxification as you have scraped the “sha” (toxin) out from your body. Plus, the rubbing and scraping of your skin might cause the capillaries near the surface of your skin to burst. However, this is a common effect of gua sha and the bruising usually disappears within a few days.