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AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®

How to properly wear AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®?


The pants are too tight, is it okay?
This situation is perfectly normal. Understand that this AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® is a compression and slimming pants, hence it is its nature to grasp your body firmly. However, this scenario won’t last forever, after few uses you feel much more comfortable and at ease.

My size is out of stock, will it be okay if I take a size smaller/bigger?
You may take one size bigger to match your own comfortability. Although the pants might look similar but it serves different purpose according to the size and body shape. If you happen to get a smaller size than your body, the functions of the pants might not work properly and this will beat the whole purpose of wearing it.

For a better fit, you may also refer to the measuring chart below;

Is it safe to wash in the washing machine?
Due to the nature of the Kodenshi® material, machine wash is not recommended at all. Only hand wash with cold water and hang it to dry, do not spin or squeeze the pants as this will affect the shape.

Does it come with a warranty? If yes, how long?
No, all of our AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® does not comes with any warranty.

However, if upon purchase the item(s) appear to be faulty you may bring it back within 14 days for a product exchange. However, be sure that the product is in mint/original condition and bring along your transaction receipt

Terms and condition apply.

After few uses, will it expand and get out of shape?
Yes and no. Yes, it will expand slightly but it won’t get out of its shape. If you use it on a daily basis, we suggest you to hand wash and hang dry daily so that once the garment is dry it can retain its shape

I’m pregnant, can I wear it?
No, pregnant ladies are not advisable to wear AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®. Nonetheless, you may wear it during confinement after delivery to enhance blood circulation and reshape your body

Can I use it for extreme sports (i.e: snowboarding, rock climbing, trail running and etc…)?
Yes, AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® is suitable for all types of sports. You may either wear it on its own or as an inner during the activity.

What are the benefits of Far Infrared Rays?
Our sun emits few types of rays and one of the safest and healthy for our body is the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which is known to have plenty of good health benefits such as to gently soothe, stimulate, and detox the body. The Kodenshi® material contains tiny ceramic particles and, in that particles, there are FIR energy and when this material come in contact with the skin the wearer can immediately feel the warmth and comfort.


What is the difference between the white and blue BEYUL range?
The white range is the first and basic range for BEYUL which is suitable for all skin types and to retain and regain hydration. While the blue range is for intensive care hence, if in any case that you suffer or experience dry skin you may add on the blue collection to intensify the hydration to your skin.

Why do I need two types of moisturizer? Can I just pick one?
As mentioned, there are two types of moisturiser to cater for two types of purpose. The BEYUL Moisturizing Cream (white colour) is suitable for all skin types whereas the BEYUL Deep Care Moisturizing Cream (blue colour) is to cater for those who have dry or very dry skin as the ingredients contains more hydrating agents to help improve the skin’s condition

I have a severe skin condition, can BEYUL help to treat it?
BEYUL skincare range does suit all skin types but generally it is to help more on the hydration part. If your skin condition is severe such as Psoriasis, Acute Eczema or Acne, we suggest you consult your dermatologist before you begin with any skin care range

Is it safe for my teenage daughter?
Yes, all of our BEYUL product is suitable for all ages

Can I use BEYUL skincare during pregnancy?
Yes, BEYUL Skincare contains safe ingredients so it may be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I have very oily skin, is BEYUL suitable for me?
Yes, BEYUL is suitable for all skin types although it caters more hydration for dry skin but it could also help to balance out the oil and sebum on the skin in order to enhance the complexion.

Can I mix BEYUL products with other products?
It is not recommended because BEYUL have its own Push & Pull Regeneration Process Technology where if you mix it with another brand it might not work as effective as using with its own range

What is the difference between Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Cream?
Although the name is similar but their function is totally different. Moisturizing Lotion act as a facial toner while the Moisturizing Cream is a moisturizer. A facial toner is a balancing act to your skin, after cleansing your face your skin tends to be completely bare so the next step is to put on a facial toner in order to maintain your skin’s normal pH level and retain all of its nutrients whereas the Moisturizing cream is mainly to keep your skin hydrated and moist at all times

If I buy the whole range, how long can it last?
Depends on how you use it, on average it can last generally about two months or eight weeks

How long is the shelf life for all of the BEYUL products?
BEYUL have three years shelf life. Once the product is open it will expire within for 6 months.

Since BEYUL use the Push & Pull Regeneration Process technology, how long until I can see clear results?
Different skin works differently but all we can say is that our skin will shed and generate new layers every 28 days, by using BEYUL skin care range religiously the skin will show positive effects by then. However, this depends on your skin type, health condition and diet regime as well.

Once I you BEYUL products, can I still do facial?
Yes! By all means, you can still continue with your facial routine every once a month so you can maintain your beautiful and glowing skin. By doing facial, the therapist will actually remove all of the dirt and impurities that we can’t discard during normal cleansing.

Is BEYUL suitable for men as well?
Yes, male is welcome to try and use BEYUL skin care range too!

I heard the BEYUL Hydro Ampoule is really good, since it is for hydration can I skip moisturiser and wear it instead?
No, we do not suggest you to skip the 3-step routine (cleanse, tone and moisturise) as it will affect the condition of your skin greatly. This ampoule is a type of serum that contains intense hydration agents where you are suggest to use only once a day whereas the moisturiser you may use it up to three times a day. By skipping your moisturiser you will dehydrate your skin instead because your moisturiser act as water to your skin surface where the ampoule is only a booster

I don’t like to use sunscreen; will it make any difference if I don’t wear it?
In today’s condition, sunscreen is no longer a choice, it is compulsory in order to protect your skin from all of the harmful rays we need a layer of protection to discourage premature ageing. By exposing your bare skin to these harmful rays such as UVA and UVB. It may induce wrinkles, dark circles and pigmentation which is very hard to reverse once it appears. So, we advice you to not skip this and use it regularly in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin

What is the best water temperature for me to cleanse my face?
The best way to clean your face is through double cleansing. After removing your make up you should cleanse your face with BEYUL Hydrating Foam cleanser and rinse with warm water in order for your pores to open up and discard all of the impurities, after that you repeat the same step and this time rinse it with cold water in order to close back all of the pores. This way, your skin will always be clean and flawless!

What is the best step for me to use the BEYUL range?
Generally, we suggest you may follow these steps for DAY ROUTINE;
1) Cleanse your face with Hydrating Foam Cleanser
2) Tone with Moisturizing Lotion
3) Hydrate with Hydro Ampoule
4) Moisturize with Moisturizing Cream
5) Protect with Sunscreen

and as for NIGHT ROUTINE, you may consider this…
1) Cleanse your face with Hydrating Foam Cleanser
2) Tone with Moisturizing Lotion
3) Hydrate with Hydro Ampoule
4) Moisturize with Deep Care Moisturizing Cream

This way you will be more confident that your skin is well taken care of!

How many times should I use the mask?
We suggest you use it twice a week and instead of just using it on your face, you may also squeeze out all of the excess products from the packaging and slather it onto your neck and hands. This way it will not only hydrate your face but your neck and hands will maintain its glow too!