Product Description

Featuring a high-potency fermented wheat extract (IP-PA1) combined with synergistic nutrients including Vitamin C and Beta-glucan, SHIRUTO is uniquely formulated to helps support, sustain and maintain a healthy body system. The fermentation and extraction processes for the IP-PA1 used in SHIRUTO are internationally patented, providing an assurance of its outstanding quality.

RP BND106.00B0600002

GMP Certified

Complies to high standards of manufacturing

HALAL Certified


Natural Botanical Ingredients

Suitable for vegetarians

Diimport from Japan

Notable Ingredients:

Fermented Wheat Extract (IP-PA1) – Helps strengthen and enhance your health

Vitamin C and Beta Glucan – Synergistic nutrient to support and sustain a healthy body system.

General Benefits of A Healthy Immune System


  • Support growing needs


  • Support modern living needs


  • Support golden age needs

Discovery of IP-PA1 and its health benefits: Milestones

The FIRST and ONLY Ingredient Recognised by the CIITRA in Japan

Natural Immune Ingredient

CIITRA: Control of Innate Immunity Technology Research Association
Natural Immunology Seminar Organized by CIITRA

Discovery of IP-PA1 and its health benefits: Milestones

Unique cultivation and fermentation processes have been patented in more than 10 countries

Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Israel, Taiwan, Russia, etc.