AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®

Product Description
Designed using the patented Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan, which integrates ultra-fine ceramics into each yarn to help maintain body temperature, ensure maximum breathability, and provide optimum comfort. AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi® is the future of functional wear.

A Wellness Concept that Keeps You Warm and In-Style


Superior Technology of Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan integrates ultra fine ceramics (diameter 0.3µm) intoeach yarn, optimising far infrared release formaximum blood circulation improvement.


Made from 89.6% Kodenshi® Nylon & 10.4% Polyurethane.


Ultra-breathable with maximum coverage of far infrared to the body.


Superior comfort design from Japan.


Functional wear with multiple features.


Suitable for all genders & generations.

Product Measurement Chart

* Tolerance within ±3cm. The table above is based on actual product measurements.

Product Size & Fitting Guide

* This chart should be used as a general reference to choose the right fit based on chest size; individual measurements may vary.